• Fairytale Fights

    For the last one and a halve year I have been working at Playlogic on the title Fairytale Fights.

    Here I started out as a intern artist for 6 months, then during my graduation I worked there part time, and then they offered me a job as a junior 3D artist. In total its good for one year and nine months of experience. While working on Fairytale Fights I was responsible for creating about 30 fully new models, besides that I worked on at least a 100 more models (tweaking/ updating/ fixing).  My work includes modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning and making sure that the mesh ends up looking perfect ingame. This included all categories, so I made enemies, bosses, critters, hazzards, other gameplay objects and scenery.

    Also during my internship I was required to color a concept art drawing although I had no previous experience with this sort of thing. After a short crashcourse with my art director (Robin Keijzer), this is what I came up with.

    All of this work is copyrighted by its owner; Playlogic International