• Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

    Back in 2015 I helped out for a couple of months on the GoW:UE team to get the title out of the door. My work mostly involved content and level optimisations that alleviated the render thread and GPU a bit, targeting streaming hitches and occasionally keeping memory in check on the console.

    Here are some of the more memorable levels (for me anyway!) who turned out to be a lot of fun to work on!

    Caves and Viaducts were some great challenges. For Caves it was definitely the huge open caverns. For Viaducts it was fast vehicles causing level streaming issues!

    In Timgad the river was completely filled in with rocks, debris, cars, you name it, it had it! Supposedly from a time before the water was changed to opaque. Makes for easy optimisations! delete, delete, delete!

    Ofcourse, big shout out to all of the crazy talented artists who built all of this, and ofcourse the rest of the technical art team!

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